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to better deliver your goods

Lextan delivers Autopod, a compact and semi-autonomous unmanned delivery vehicle dedicated to Last-Mile Logistics.

Autopod offers versatile, sustainable and convenient delivery services in city centers and pedestrian zones. Its autopilot can handle simple routes in safe environments while a human operator takes control and drives it remotely, with augmented perception capabilities, into any complex urban delivery situations.

At the same time, the operator active presence is visually reproduced through the Autopod’s windshields, which allows him to communicate most naturally with people around the vehicle. Also, Autopod improves pedestrian interaction and safety thanks to visual signages projected onto the track during its journey and when rendering its service.

As a result, a single remote operator can manage a large number of driving and non-driving operations across a fleet of Autopods spread out in several cities, while constantly maintaining appropriate interactions with other road users and service recipients at a competitive cost.

By enabling the delivery drivers to be here and elsewhere instantly, Lextan aims to solve the challenges posed by the urban logistics activity in the smart cities of tomorrow.

Through the 5 levels of remote driving,
Lextan aims to combine the best of human & robot driving
to reinvent the transportation of goods

Level 0

Driver is located inside the Vehicle.

He can act and interact naturally and directly in any kind of situation.

The speed limit is given by the legislation.

Level 1

Short distance remote driving.

The operator is at reach of hand to the vehicle (few tens of meters).

It travels at about 6 km/h speed (walking speed).

Level 2

The driver is far from the vehicle but still within sight to it (few hundreds of meters).

the vehicle evolves in a controlled environment without any human around.

It travels at about 15 km/h speed (running speed).

Level 3

The system allows a long distance teleoperation (many kilometers). All senses of the driver are digitally interfaced with the remote vehicle into a cockpit (Telepod).

The vehicle evolves in a controlled environment and only trained people can be present around it.

It travels at about 25 km/h speed (Heavy Equipment speed).

Level 4

The teleoperated vehicle is able to reproduce the visual and sound presence of the driver. This vehicle is driven from the Telepod and it is called an Autopod.

The driver can interact naturally with any person being around the vehicle (Driver Telepresence).

The vehicle can travel at about 50 km/h speed (urban road speed) in a closed and managed environment.

Level 5

Driver Telepresence is enabled in any vehicle at any place.

The remote driver can provide a large range of new services combining remote and autonomous driving within any kind of environment.

The vehicle can travel on any road regulated by the legal speed limit.

Application fields

Lifting & Handling Machines

Driving remotely from a better place for more safety and more operational performance

Industrial Logistics

 Driving remotely a fleet of captive vehicles for more flexibility and an optimized OPEX

Urban Logistics

 Driving remotely a fleet of compact delivery vehicles to render a better service with less ecological and social impacts with an effective economic performance